About us:

Clam Shack Nation Celebrates the Taste of Summer Everywhere all Year LONG!  We are all about sharing our LOVE for the Ocean…FRESH Seafood, Fresh AIR.  Food Evoking Memories of Time well spent with Family and Friends around the outdoor table.  Sharing in the Clam Shack Nation means you can tap into that vibe any time anywhere by enjoying our connections to shacks everywhere or leading you to summertime food available at your local retailer.  We want to CELEBRATE all the great CHEFS, Cooks, Shacks and Shanty’s who do it RIGHT; and the people who love them!  If you don’t have a spot…or the seasons change…We have you covered ALL YEAR ROUND with our Clam Shack Seafood Soups. Escape back to those Summer days.  JOIN THE NATION. 

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